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For Leading Medical Experts

International marketing for healthcare providers

BluDocPR is a brand of BLU health&medical ltd. specialized in international marketing of medical care providers, surgeons as well as facilities.

Here are some healthcare providers&companies from our portfolio. is a portfolio member of BludocPR

Pioneering Ophthalmologist

Turkey's leading ophthalmologist Dr.Nusret Bas's personal web site.

Laser eye surgery in Turkey 


Dr.H.Ahmet BAS is another well-known name in the field of laser vision correction and cataract treatment of BluDocPR's portfolio.


Psychologist - Therapy

Psy.D.Aysun Bal is a psychologist office based on Istanbul, Turkey for personal therapy.

Laser Eye Surgery- Finland

Web sites & services about laser vision correction in finnish language.

Laser Eye Surgery- Sweden

Websites & services about laser vision correction in the Swedish language.