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Istanbul has much to offer its international patient-guests, including BLU Health and Medical, LTD. BLU meditravel is an innovative international medical tourism company based in Istanbul and Rotterdam, with offices in Finland, Sweden and Norway.   

We offer a wide range of medical treatment programs like corrective eye surgery, including oculoplastic and cosmetic surgery, with our outstanding, internationally-certified doctors. These specialists offer their superb skills while catering to our patients’ need for a relaxing holiday atmosphere in the ancient city of Istanbul.

Our mission is to maintain the highest quality medical service for our international patients and establish the relaxed, indulgent atmosphere found in luxurious vacation destinations. 

During their time in Istanbul, patients experience:

  • Highly qualified medical procedures performed by top specialists
  • Perfectly monitored, controlled surgeries
  • A picturesque tourist holiday (tour packages may also include other cities) , led by professional tour guides
  • Distinctive care and a professionally organized package

Check out Our Services

Heal&Travel Services that BLU Provide
Hotel Reservations

BLU is an expert on finding right hotels suitable for a medical tourist in Istanbul & Rotterdam. We check your rooms prior to your arrival and inform hotel about your special needs.

Welcoming & Transfers

From the moment you arrive to Istanbul, starting from the airport BLU will be with you. No need to worry about how to arrive your doctor control. All transfers within city will be organized by BLU.

Doctor Appointments

BLU organizes all doctor appointments in both Istanbul and Rotterdam suiting your calendar. Enjoy the priority service!

Guided City Tour

Our years of experience have allowed us to build travel packages combined with medical treatments that take both needs into consideration. In addition to excellent care & accommodation& transfers, guided city tour plan will be tailor made just for you.

Facillitating Medicine & Other Medical Needs

Getting the medicine, and doctor prescriptions is no longer a hassle in a foreign country. As well as other medical needs (Reports, documentations, even a dentist appointment) BLU will take care of all for you.

Patient Assistance

After you leave the country, BLU will be by your side with its after surgery services linking you with your doctor.

Postoperative Services

Specially trained BLU Patient Assistants will be by your side during your healing journey from the beginning to the end.

Interpretation & Document Translation

You may not feel comfortable with your foreign language skills. BLU will be by you side. Documentation for Insurance, treatment reports will also be prepared in English or in your native language.

Treatment Guarantee

With Dr.Bas clinics in Istanbul and Rotterdam (Visus Oogkliniek and Istanbul Hospital Guarantee) in cases of where treatment goal is not reached, re-treatment guarantee is by BLU no matter where you had your first treatment.

What Patients Say About Our Clinic


I went to the doctor in yesterday for my check-up and I am pleased to tell you that he found everything in perfect order. He said that the operation
I had was perfect and my vision is also perfect. My eyes are a bit dry still, but I use eye-drops and that helps.

So as you can understand I am very happy with my new found vision. Please send my best wishes to Dr.BAS!

"I am very satisfied with my lasik-operation performed by Dr. Bas in Istanbul. My vision has gone from being totally dependent on glasses to perfect vision. I have not had any eye-problems after the operation. I give Dr. Bas and the clinique my best recommandation."

L. Schmid


L. Schmid Former Patient

I would just like to say thank you once again to Dr Bas for their help in giving me back my sight.

It's not just being spectacle free that is good about this proceedure but actually being able to see undistorted and comfortably and dependably and thanks to PerfektSyn the trip was both enjoyable and inexpensive as well as helpful and simple.
I have also recommended you to many friends and family,

Yours, very happily.

M. Shukis


marta schukis-3
M. Shukis Former Patient

... When I lost my glasses, I thought why not use a little more money and get an eye surgery once and for all, instead of buying glasses for 4000 dkk.

I searched the internet about eye surgery and I came across with an agency organizes health tours. I used a big amount of time searching about criticism because I was a little sceptical because the price was around ½ price compared to Denmark. I did not find anything bad about it.

When I came to Turkey, I had a pre-examination done by the very experienced Dr. Nusret Bas and his assistants. Everything went very fast. I was told that I would have a better vision at my left eye, if I choose to have wavefront LASIK, but that it was my decision to make. I choose too have wavefront LASIK in both eyes.

I had my surgery Friday. The surgery was over in like 15 minutes. I felt fine right away and took on my sunglasses, went outside had a cigarette and made a phone call to Denmark saying that everything went very well.

In the evening I was very light sensitive while having dinner but the next day it was gone. When I went to have my check-up Saturday, Dr. Nusret Bas told me that my vision was 100% in both eye and I feel that my vision is better now than before when I wore glasses.

Now it is one month since I had surgery and my vision is still perfect – it is a little miracle for me!!!

I haven’t had any problems in any way and the only thing I regret is that I did not have surgery like 10 years ago!!

A. Münster


A. Münster Former Patient